Redraw, reword, or even animate, in time and space, a place, an area or a volume via projections of light and other tools, here iare the options that mapping offers. Which technologies are used by artists working with mapping? How do they work for the light - and often sound - decor of the subjects they have chosen?

Joanie Lemercier aka AntiVJ:
Exploring the links between projected light, optical illusions and perception, French visual artist Joanie Lemercier has developed a very personal approach to the mapping technique. Spending
a lot of time experimenting is key to his artistic approach where technology is at the core of his practice.
Over the last few years he has come up with a number of technical solutions (real-time stereoscopic engine, AntiVJ mapping software, mutliprojection streaming server) which can
sometimes also act as a staring point for some of the projects.
He has impulsed the birth of the ANTIVJ visual label and has been a member of the visual research team since 2007.
Joanie Lemercier has showcased his work at events like Club Transmediale [Berlin], Earts [Shanghai], Empac [NY state], Mapping festival [Geneva], onedotzero festival [London],
Elektra [Montreal] and Lux [Oslo] among many others.